By 2023, the Web3.0 sector will be worth six trillion dollars and is forecast to grow at a CAGR of 44.6% from 2023 to 2030. With rapid change, comes the requirement for rapid upskilling. Thirdweb, co-founded by Steven Bartlett,  simplifies the web3 development to equip builders with what they need to develop applications with real, tangible value. 

Nine months post launch, Thirdweb raised its series A – $24m from Coinbase, Shopify and Katie Haun – to onboard the next 10 million developers onto the platform. 

R. Agency was briefed to announce the raise and build hype to encourage brands and developers onto the platform. Using Steven Bartlett as the voice of the business we were able to cut through into national press building a deeper understanding of web3.0 and the platform. 

At the point of announcement,  media exposure for thirdweb rose by  4525% with coverage in top tier turtles including Sifted, TechCrunch, Evening Standard, Business Insider and The Independent. 

In the two weeks following launch active contract growth increased by 7%, along with a 650% rise in platform traffic 35% increase in unique users and generated projects worth more than $1.3M in revenue.