With a name like ‘Saucy Buns’ and viral foodie WhatWillyCook as its co-creator, Taster’s challenge was to launch with a bang as big as its burgers!

In a crowded delivery market, R. Agency was briefed with creating a campaign which would take Saucy Buns beyond the ‘must taste’ pages of foodie media and into culture – creating a stunt with talkability, shareability and most importantly, sauce! R. Agency created the ‘Saucy Hotline where Londoners could sauce-talk Willy into a free burger (and social brag-ability). 

Not only did hundreds of Londoners get to taste the buns, social engagement increased by 800%, Willy achieved his best performing social post and the brand was featured in key titles including BuzzFeed, LADBible, Tyla and Evening Standard.